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How to choose the right decking for your boat dock

Much of Lake Greenwood, SC real estate for sale, especially lakefront homes, may or may not have a boat dock. Thus, building one or improving on the existing one could be in one's to-do list. After all, living by the lake will have you usin...

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Cropped image of woman kayaking with a man in background. Couple canoeing in a lake on a summer day.

What to do in Greenwood, SC

With so many fun and exciting things to do and places to see, you’ll never have a dull moment living in Greenwood, SC. From great restaurants and incredible shopping destinations to vast outdoor spaces and cultural sites – the choices h...

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Two Muskoka chairs on a wooden dock facing a lake. Paddles and life jackets are visible on the dock. Across the calm water there is a brown cottage.

Things to consider before buying a lake home

Owning a lake house means coming home to gorgeous views and a peaceful atmosphere unlike any other. A lake home also offers privacy and all the health benefits that come with living near a freshwater source. It’s no surprise that thes...

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Close up golf ball and driver, player doing golf swing tee off on the green sunset evening time, presumably does exercise. Healthy and Lifestyle Concept.

The best golf courses in Lake Greenwood, SC

Lake Greenwood, SC is located along US Highway 25, a short drive away from the north of Augusta, GA where the Masters Golf Tournament is held in April. During the tournament, golf enthusiasts who attend the tourney take time off and play at...

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Family visit the fairground to enjoy the rides together. Little boys are running towards the camera. Parents walking behind.

Festivals in Lake Greenwood, SC

There’s always something happening in Lake Greenwood, SC. Whatever time of year, you can be sure there’s a fun-filled event happening somewhere. Here’s a list of Lake Greenwood’s annual festivals for you to enjoy: South Carolina ...

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Camping in a Tent Under the Stars and Milky Way Galaxy - Scenic landscape with hils and mountains with orange glowing tent in dark with view of night sky with Milky Way and bright stars.

15 must-visit camping spots in South Carolina

If you think Lake Greenwood’s rich and thriving natural surroundings are ideal for camping trips, wait till you see what the rest of the state has to offer. These 15 top South Carolina campsites are guaranteed favorites among both seasone...

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Shot of a young couple having fun while moving into their new place

7 signs that it’s time to relocate

Deciding to move to a new home is always difficult. You are bound to encounter a lot of doubt and anxiety about leaving, especially when you wax sentimental. Still, there are notable signals you can pay attention to in order to make a d...

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