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Lake Greenwood proves that preserving nature amid economic growth is possible

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Economic growth does not have to come at the expense of an area’s natural resources. Lake Greenwood in South Carolina is demonstrating that this important approach to local area development actually works.

In communities around Lake Greenwood, a steadfast commitment is shared among key players and stakeholders. A conscious effort to preserve the health of the lake’s natural ecosystems remains a top priority amid ongoing residential and commercial real estate development.

Recognizing the allure and importance of natural environments

Spanning 11,400 acres and surrounded by 212 miles of shoreline, the waters of Lake Greenwood extend into three South Carolina counties, namely, Greenwood, Laurens, and Newberry.

Given this expansive scope, monitoring water quality in the reservoir is a significant challenge. But the respective county governments and communities are pitching in, acknowledging the importance of the natural resource in sustaining the local growth that they are gaining from.

“The river still drives civilization,” said Dusty Acosta, a volunteer with the local river conservation group, Friends of the Reedy River. “People want to live near water.”

Placing an emphasis on the economic impact of natural resources is an encouraging trend in South Carolina, which covers 20.5 million acres – including 13 million acres of forests and 1.3 million acres of water.

A team of Clemson University professors recently conducted a study on South Carolina’s natural resource-based sectors. Their findings revealed that the state’s recreational fishing, commercial fisheries, hunting and wildlife viewing, coastal tourism, mining, forestry, and boat industries are responsible for nearly 219,000 local jobs, or 8.6% of all jobs in the state. This workforce produces up to $33.4 billion annually, which is 8.3% of the gross state product.

“South Carolina’s natural resources are our most valuable economic asset,” said South Carolina Department of Natural Resources Director Alvin Taylor.

“Natural resources are the major contributor to our quality of life, which is why corporations want to locate here, why people want to move here and it is why people want to stay here.”

The state of the lake as of 2018

Greenwood, SC-based Preserving Lake Greenwood is a local nonprofit that holds an annual State of the Lake summit and publishes relevant updates on the status of Lake Greenwood.

Findings reported during the last two State of the Lake conventions suggest that:

  • Lake Greenwood remains in a good state of health
  • The lake is one of only three other lakes across the state that remains unaffected by harmful metal deposits
  • The water barely registers any harmful amount of E. coli bacteria

However, notable problems that still require attention include:

  • Phosphorous levels at .08 to .09 per millimeter are slightly above the state standard of .06
  • Excessive nutrients resulting from fertilizer runoff, improper grey water disposal, faulty septic tank systems, and others
  • Algal bloom and aquatic weed growth resulting from the said nutrient overload
  • Sedimentation and siltation

Efforts are already in place to address these issues and threats to Lake Greenwood’s water quality and overall health. Sediment removal, for one, is already a priority of the Greenwood County government. The county has also spent more than $75,000 in recent years to address invasive weed growth in the lake by promoting the proliferation of grass carp and striped bass.

Actions are also being made to develop and change ordinances that regulate activities that impact the water quality in Lake Greenwood. These include

  • Simplifying the language of ordinances so that they become easier to understand
  • Adapting the ordinances to apply to all three counties
  • Establishing clear rules defining necessary penalties and exemptions

Ideal for topnotch fishing and other great outdoor adventures

One of South Carolina’s best-known natural attractions, Lake Greenwood is a favorite destination of those within and outside the state.

The lake has an excellent reputation as a haven for anglers and fishers. There is an abundance of freshwater fish in its waters, including the likes of bass, bream, crappie, perch, and catfish. Find the lake’s best fishing spots here.

When it comes to competitive fishing, Lake Greenwood is just as popular. It hosts annual and seasonal fishing tournaments which contribute to the local economy. Discover how fishing tournaments boost the local economy here.

There is more to Lake Greenwood than just fishing, however. Calm waters invite boaters and kayakers, while the shoreline offers plenty of scenic hiking trails and camping sites. Whatever outdoor adventure you have in mind, Lake Greenwood will make it happen.

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