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How Much Is Your Home Worth

Under all market conditions, sellers want to know what their home is worth and how much they can expect to sell for. If you are considering selling your home. We are the team for you, we know what it takes to sell unique or high-end real estate. Most real estate, by nature, is local. However, the market for the Greenwood and Lake Greenwood area and especially for lake homes, lakefront real estate, or golf property can often be national or even global. Whether the ultimate buyer of your home is local or international, our cutting edge Marketing is designed to deliver the right buyer at the maximum price. We take advantage of all the latest tools and newest technologies available today to market your property to the largest pool of buyers.

As a seller, you want to make sure you list with an agent who sells a lot of what you are selling! Their current track record will be proof of their ability to sell in these tough economic times. You must do your homework before hiring anyone. It’s a complex market, requiring extensive internet skills, knowledge, and constant research. Our tech savvy and innovative marketing attracts buyers from around the world who are looking for waterfront property. We understand that getting top dollar for your property in the shortest amount of time is what matters. Pricing your home takes skill, knowledge and experience of seasoned professional real estate agents. My Team and I have ranked #1 in sales volume for Lake Greenwood properties since 2006 and we have remained one of the most successful real estate teams in the Greenwood area because of our dedication to our clients. We’ll provide you with a customized market analysis of your property, share the latest markets trends and activity for your neighborhood. While pricing is a big part of the equation, ensuring that your property gets maximum exposure also plays an enormous role. Click Here